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Everyone appreciates someone cooking for them. Even the most avid food lover enjoys someone preparing a meal for them.

It can be as simple as a toasted sandwich, eggs on toast, a bbq or something thrown together with left overs. We appreciate someone has gone to the effort, it has been made with love. You enter into an almost unspoken agreement, even if they think we can’t cook they will give it our best shot!

You might be making a meal for someone special, a casual get together or an unexpected guest. By offering food you are opening your home, your food and your heart. Consideration of their personal likes and dislikes then translating ingredients into a meal to share. Your aim is to please them and satisfy their hunger, your reward is a smile and thank you. Hopefully both.

We are not here to tell you how to cook, we would just like to offer a framework and encourage you to try and then add your nature flare. Yes, you. Go and discover it.

Just by trying, you are making the first step to improving your cooking skills so be BRAVE! You can do it!!

  • Tip.1 use simple ingredients
  • Tip.2 do not over complicate things
  • Tip.3 taste before you serve
  • Tip.4 make it with love with your best intent

Although you think cooking has rules, it only has principles and we will continue to share them with you.

You become a better cook by trying things, take risks and making mistakes; mistakes are vital to development.

The greatest of cooks and chefs continue to make mistakes, no risk equals no reward.

We want you to nourish others making them happy through preparing and sharing food, gaining those smiles of gratitude.

Enough reading…Go cook for someone.

Share a meal.

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  1. Anne Fang Yuen

    I never stop trying new combinations of flavours.. Will now start experimenting with Fangs Chilli Sauce.
    Fangs sauce has a Asian and Japanese influence. Can’t wait to see what i can do with it!
    Stay posted.

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